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☆ R E N D E Z V O U S ・ O F ・ S T A R S ☆

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As you look up at the lonely darkness of the nighttime sky, a scarcity of stars twinkle down to offer comfort. Yet one such star catches your gaze, glimmering its distant hope onto the sleeping earth. In that moment, you are strangely reassured that you are not alone - but, rather, connected to all the other sparkling lights that hang above.

Soon you discover a symbol: a stylized mark on your skin that certainly wasn't there before. It is a character in an unfamiliar language, and no amount of scrubbing or magic seems to remove it. Staring at the design for long periods of time gives you the same feeling as that fated night, despite its enigmatic origin.

As you walk through the busy marketplace, a sudden spike of recognition bombards you as you pass an individual. You feel as though you've just stepped past someone you've always known, though when you look, they are a stranger to your eyes. Continuing your gait, the sensation nags at you, feeling as though the two of you were intended to meet.

Then come the dreams. You walk amongst a landscape that is not your own, glimpsing the experiences of an unknown personage. You witness memories both joyous and dark, from a wedding in a glade to the death of that same love.

Slowly and surely, whether by fortune's blessing or an afflicted curse, you know that you are not alone.


((The purpose of this linkshell is to provide a cross-FC RP concept that can bring our characters together, regardless of alignment or occupation. Anyone who wishes to be involved in this 'entwined fate' plot chooses a star to represent their character, which coincides with their mark. (See the "Stars" link for more info on which are taken, and which are available.)

After the experience above happens to a character, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to their fellows. While strong, this supernatural allure is purely platonic in nature, and does not denote romantic involvement. The odd paradox of the curse is that these people are drawn together by a firm strand of fate, but it does not control their personal opinions toward the individual in question. As such, someone may be reflexively compelled to defend someone from their undoing, while possessing nothing but the greatest ire toward them. Feel free to explore how your character might react to this sudden occurrence happening to them.

So as not to arouse suspicion, the denizens afflicted by the mark gather under the guise of a functional Host Club, which opens once a month to the public. More specifically, the establishment is titled "Rendezvous."

Want to know more? Please check out the Guidelines on our forums; hopefully that will answer the remainder of your questions!

If you are a Guest to the Host Club and are looking for the informational links, please view the Pinned threads here. Our FC house is in Ward 8, Plot 13.))
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